Chris Mora Robots

Articulate Robots, Steel Fabrication and Sculpture   

Articulate Robots

My articulate robot sculptures; fabricated and machined out of steel and stainless, finished with a durable powder coat or blackener. An articulate robot consists of hundreds of handmade parts. They range from 60 to 800 hours of labor per robot. Please click on an image below to learn more about that specific sculpture.

A.RSM v1.0

A.WTP v2.0

A. IGH v5.0

A.LSM v6.0

A.DTS v10.0

A. MSL v11.0

A. AGV v14.0

A. BSR v15.0

A. RPG v18.0

A. LGW v19.0

A.MSJ v22.0

A.MSJ v23.0

A.SDM v3.0

A.SJC v4.0

A.LPF v7.0

A.SWF v8.0

A. TCM v12.0

A. MTS v13.0

A.SBR v16.0

A. PLM v17.0

A. SMP v20.0

A.MSJ v21.0

A. MSJ v24.0

A.SRH v25.0

A. FPO v26.0